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We started our business because we feel the college admissions process is broken. It should be a fun and exciting time -- not stressful. Too much focus is on getting into brand-name schools and not on what comes after the acceptance. The career journey starts with college and can extend for many decades... through numerous jobs, industries, and even self-employment.

We focus on three main areas: College Planning, Early Career Development and Financial Coaching. They all fit together -- college to career to developing strong financial habits that will allow you to enjoy life now while planning for the future. We have executive level experience navigating higher education and the corporate world and we use that knowledge to coach individuals to make thoughtful decisions. Please let us know how Gibney Solutions LLC can help you on your personal journey!

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I have over 25 years of higher education and career advising experience. My passion is helping clients in all stages of their working life -- from college thru career and beyond. I've collaborated with colleges throughout the country and held executive level roles at a Fortune 100 company and as a senior military officer. 

Scott Gibney
Educational Consultant
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I'm a University of Virginia graduate - WAHOOWA! My experience includes working in admissions for a large university, as well as advising students from around the country. 

Susan Gibney
College Admissions Advisor
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