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Save on those Expensive Textbooks!

Tuition is only one part of the cost of college. Room, board, school fees and travel are additional costs to be considered. Textbooks can also add thousands of dollars over the four years to the constantly increasing cost of a college education. Economic courses have some of the highest cost textbooks -- with some over $300 each!

There are a number of ways to help save on the cost of textbooks. Here are some of our budget saving tips:

1. Buy Used! First, check the course syllabus to determine what text edition is required. If a new book is listed, ask the professor if an earlier version is acceptable. Used books can result in big savings. 2. Rent the books. Chegg and Amazon are two of the big players for book rental. The cost is lower than if you buy the book and you simply return it after the course is completed. 3. eBooks can be a great alternative. If a new text version is required or you need the book quickly then an electronic book can be the way to go. And they are usually a substantially cheaper option than a hard copy. 4. Buy books from students who took the course the previous semester or the previous year. Just remember to check what version is required. 5. Sell your books after the course or semester is over. Many books will only be used once and selling them to a company that rents them – or to other students – can recoup some of the cost. And, no one needs a box of used textbooks in their attic!

Check out our blog for other tips that you can use on the college journey.


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