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College Is Coming! Plan Now.

It’s that time of year when parents with rising high school seniors realize that…OMG!...applying to college is now a reality. The bucket can’t be kicked down the road anymore. Now what do we do? That’s why in July my email inbox is filling up from parents that are getting stressed out instead of enjoying their vacation. Here are my thoughts:

Have a family conversation as soon as possible. Be clear as to what you can afford and how much, if any, can be contributed to the cost of college.

Research colleges that are in your budget…Yes, there will be some. They may not be the dream school, but dream schools become nightmare schools when debt payments are still being made 10 or 20 years after graduation.

Don’t begin with the premise that you have to take out student loans. Be different! Look at all options…community college, vocational training, night school while working, state schools, etc.

Keep the lines of communication open with your student. One conversation will not get it done. Set aside time once a week to review progress and to ensure that everyone stays on the same page. It will help to keep the college admissions process the exciting time that it should be!

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