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"Did You Get A Job Yet?"

"Did You Get A Job Yet?" It is a familiar question that recent college graduates hear from parents and others. After spending $100K or more for an education, a job does seem like a reasonable outcome! But, asking "Did you get a job yet?" just adds to the stress of a difficult process.

Newly minted professionals need to take control of their job search but can use help. Here are some tips that can be shared with recent college graduates:

1. Networking is a family affair. Parents can assist by reaching out to friends, relatives and colleagues - not to ask for a job - but to establish contacts and find potential opportunities. 2. Every graduate should have a LinkedIn account. Many recent grads are not comfortable cold calling, so using social media to make the initial contact is a great way to start. 3. NOW is the best time to look for work. Don’t wait! Taking the summer off to recharge only adds to the length of the job search and increases stress. 4. Internships after college have become common. That 3-6 month opportunity might turn into a full time role. 5. Finding a first job can be hard work. Treat the search as a priority with time scheduled each day to focus on career goals.

A first job is not forever. It is just the initial step in the career marathon. Good luck!

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