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Engaging Students Thru Music

STEM to STEAM. The difference is the "A" for Arts. Rock & Roll Hall of Famer STEVEN Van ZANDT created TeachRock, as part of his Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.

With music classes being cut at school, TeachRock provides teachers with a free curriculum that uses the history of popular music and culture to help engage students in subjects like geography, science and social studies. Topics include:

► Songs that Defined History ► 100 Years of Dance ► Dylan as a Poet ► Blues, Poetry and the Harlem Renaissance ► Feeling the Vibrations (How the Grateful Dead made their concerts more accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community)

We recently attended a TeachRock workshop at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. Little Steven spoke about his STEAM vision and followed it up with a Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul concert!

An inspirational artist making the world better through music!

Check out the TeachRock website at to see other lesson topics. Maybe they can be added to your school's curriculum!

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Engaging Students Thru Music (TeachRock)


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