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Does your high school use Naviance by Hobsons? Naviance is an online college counseling tool that is offered to k-12 schools. It can be a great source in developing your college list.  Naviance offers detailed information about colleges and universities in the U.S. This information includes academics, student life and financial information. Students can search schools based on majors, geographic location, diversity as well as more specific factors like certain club sport offerings. They can directly access the college’s website, request additional information or send a message to the admissions office.

A study associated with Harvard's Kennedy School of Government found that students who used Naviance applied to fewer “reach schools” and more “just right” schools where they have a better chance at being accepted. Naviance’s scattergrams plot a student’s information against other applicants from their high school for most colleges. We love this feature! It gives a more accurate look at a student’s acceptance chances at a particular college than the national numbers posted on the college website.

Another useful page is College Overlaps. It shows similar colleges students also applied to and can add new colleges to your search. This can add new options to your list.

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Naviance: A Great College Planning Tool

Take advantage of the slower schedule during the summer to research colleges. Spend a few minutes exploring each day. Enjoy the process - it should be a fun, exciting time!


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