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Relaunching Your Career!

Returnships are gaining traction. Short for return to work internships, these programs are aimed at helping professionals gain new skills and to relaunch their careers after a long hiatus.

Returning to the workforce after taking time to raise a family, to care for aging parents, or to focus on health issues can be challenging. Business moves forward and new skills may be required, especially in rapidly changing STEM based professions. Mastercard, IBM, Ford Motor Company and Johnson & Johnson are examples of companies offering reentry programs.

Many of my clients that have taken a career pause note that they have been rejected from potential jobs because of the work gap on their resumes. These gaps can initially be closed by highlighting volunteer efforts, community involvement and other projects completed during the time away from work.

And pursuing a returnship can help add new experience to your portfolio, sharpen your skills and help build your network. Good luck!


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